Your business cards made digital and safe


A safe, environmental and quick way of sharing your contact details.


Personal QR code and URL

Can be used both printed and in digital documents

Personal e-card

A personal and branded landing page to be reached via QR code and URL link

Personal VCF-file

Can be reached from your e-card to get you and your info into a contact book

Pandemics, virus and the ability to loose business cards given, together with an easy way of getting your contact details into the receivers contact book made us come up with a e-solution for your business cards that we call QaRds: 

QaRds in three simple steps:

1. Send us your details and company elements/template to create a normal business card with all your details where we include a personal QR code on. The card will be sent out to you together with a link to your own e-card page and a VCF file for approval.

2.  When this is approved we can arrange a print run if you need normal business cards or send you a print file if you want to use your local printer. We send you a QR code that you can use on your smartphone to let people easily scan instead of hand out normal cards. This could also be used in all kind of material both printed and digital. We also send a URL link that goes to your personal e-card.

3. Your e-card includes a VCF link to get your contact details right in to the contact book of the receiver.

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